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    I love to collaborate!  I would love to paint your animal or your favorite plant for you. 




    My name is Amanda, and I am an artist based in Ottsville, Pa. I've been painting since preschool, and to this day I especially love the bright colors and watercolors of my childhood.  I'm a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where I majored in Illustration.

    I'm a high school art teacher, but I have taught all ages over the years. Teaching art keeps me on my toes and helps me to stay creative and inspired every day. I enjoy creating colorful illustrations and landscapes, and I also enjoy working with pen and ink. 


    I do enjoy hibernating to create and drink tea,  however, I have found that experiencing life and meeting others through art has opened my eyes to many magical things. I've had opportunities to share special moments, design album art, and explore private retreats as a result of my art forms. It is so fun to meet all of you, and be able to give your projects a visual.


    When not working on my art, I enjoy writing and playing folk music, gardening, finding lakes to explore, and hanging with my brittany spaniel Lyra. Follow me if you'd like on instagram for my daily adventures!


    Warmly -Amanda 



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